Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moorka likes to watch TV

I got some funny pic here - Moorka is watching TV. Heavily concentrated.

Moorka and Dobrynia

Moorka and Dobrynia live in our appartment with me and my wife. Moorka is not any special type of a cat - I noticed her when she was a kitten in my granny's country house and brought to our appartment to make a surprise to my wife. I put Moorka on my palm and was bringing her on it across our city, for 2 or 3 bus stops.
People paid attention on her wonderful fur color.

Dobrynia is her son. His father is Europen Grand Champion, a British cat.
Dobrynia is almost twice as bigger as Moorka, his mother.

Moorka means "a cat who mews" in Russian. Dobrynia is named after a famous folklore hero from old Russian fairy tales. Name Dobrynia means "a person who is very kind".
And, to tell you the truth this cat is really kind. He can walk around you and rub his back gently at you leg endlessly. When I stop stroking him he starts to ram my hand with his head, as if asking: "Do this again please, I like it". =)